Buy cold pressed oil online

Buy cold pressed oils online

Looking to Buy cold pressed oil online:  A.A Oil Mill is leading cold pressed oil manufacturer since 1960. We Deliver cold pressed oils at your door step. Our Products speaks about our quality always.


 Why from Us?

We provide best quality of cold pressed oils at your budget price. Our cold pressed oils are prepared at traditional way by using ‘chekku or ghani or wood pressed ’ machines.

Our cold pressed oils are extracted at the temperature of below 45 Degree Celsius. So, the oil retain its quality, aroma & taste.

We primarily focused to provide quality edible oils at the best prices.

We prepare cold pressed sesame oil, groundnut oil and coconut oil.

Sesame or Gingelly oil:

Produced using black Or Red seeds only. Rich in nutrient values

(No white seeds were used. It gives just a good colour to the oil and have less nutrition value.)

Groundnut Or Peanut oil:

Produced using our native peanut ( Groundnut ) seeds cultivated here by the farmers. So Farmers can get good prices for their cultivated products.

(No Hybrid Seeds were used to produce).

Coconut Oil:

Our Cold pressed coconut oils are produced using sulfur less coconuts.

Note:Some farmers sprays Sulfer over coconuts to increase the shelf life of coconut. But it is very harmful . So please be aware.

A.A Oil Mill – Genuine place to buy Cold Pressed Oil Store

Now, Buy Cold Pressed Oil Online Easy

Hi, You can buy cold pressed oil online in a easy way. We added social login button in our website that helps you to login easily using your google account.

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We Deliver Our products within 3-5 days in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru( Banglore), Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Hydrabad, Surat, Ahemadabad, Vishakhapatnam And All Other Major Cities.

We Deliver our product to rest of India within 6-8 days.

Looking to buy cold pressed oil online? Look no further than AMOGHA. We specialize in offering the finest quality cold pressed oils that are extracted using traditional methods to preserve the natural goodness. With a commitment to delivering pure and authentic oils, we provide a healthier choice for your cooking needs. Discover our wide range of cold pressed oils available for purchase online.

We offer a wide selection of the best cold pressed oils for cooking. Our oils are carefully extracted using traditional methods to preserve the natural goodness and flavors of the seeds or nuts. Whether you’re searching for cold pressed peanut oil or other varieties, we have you covered. With convenient online shopping, you can easily find and order the cold pressed oil you need. No need to search for “cold pressed oil near me” when you can have it delivered to your doorstep.

Experience the difference of using the best cold pressed oils for frying and cooking. Explore our range and elevate your culinary creations with the unparalleled taste and health benefits of cold pressed oils. Place your order today and savor the goodness of our top-quality cold pressed oils.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Oil:

  1. Nutrient-rich: Our cold pressed oils retain the natural nutrients, antioxidants, and flavors of the seeds or nuts used, making them a healthier option for your cooking.
  2. Chemical-free: We ensure that our cold pressed oils are free from any chemicals, additives, or preservatives, providing you with a pure and natural product.
  3. Enhances flavor: Cold pressing methods help to retain the natural flavors of the seeds, resulting in a rich and distinct taste that adds depth to your dishes.
  4. Health benefits: Cold pressed oils are known to have numerous health benefits, including promoting heart health, boosting immunity, and supporting overall well-being.
  5. Versatility: Our range of cold pressed oils includes options like sesame, coconut, groundnut, and more, catering to various culinary preferences and cooking styles.

Why Choose Us:

  1. Quality assurance: We prioritize quality and ensure that our cold pressed oils meet the highest standards, so you can enjoy the best in terms of taste and nutrition.
  2. Trusted sourcing: We carefully select the finest seeds and nuts from trusted farmers who follow sustainable and ethical practices, ensuring the integrity of our products.
  3. Freshness guaranteed: Our cold pressed oils are freshly made, packed, and sealed to lock in the freshness and preserve their nutritional value.
  4. Extensive selection: Explore our wide range of cold pressed oils and choose from different varieties, sizes, and packaging options to suit your preferences.
  5. Convenient online shopping: With our user-friendly website, you can easily browse, select, and purchase your desired cold pressed oils online, hassle-free.

Experience the Difference: When you buy cold pressed oil online from AMOGHA, you can be confident that you are choosing a healthier and superior product. We are committed to providing you with the best quality cold pressed oils, ensuring a delightful culinary experience while prioritizing your well-being. Place your order today and embark on a journey of flavor and nourishment with our exquisite cold pressed oils.

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