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Cold Pressed Oils

Cold pressing is a method of oil extraction where the oil seeds are coupled with crushing and pressing (without using heat) to extract oil.

The entire process involves pressure and no heat and that is what makes this oil healthier.The ancient process of oil extraction.

The Ancient Process of Oil Extraction

When it comes to cooking oil, we all have heard a term called ‘Chekku oil in Tamil’. The word ‘chekku‘ refers to a long cylindrical contraption that was used in early days to extract oil from oilseeds.

It is more like a mortar and pestle device, made of stone or wood and is used to extract oil with the help of animals like cow or buffalo. This is the oldest and simplest method of oil extraction that involved no heat.

Healthy Facts of Cold Pressed Oil

Cold pressed oils are healthier. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, and oleic acid.

Free from chemicals and solvent extraction. They are also more aromatic and hence add more taste to the dishes.


  • Peanut Oil Is High in Vitamin E
  • It May Reduce Heart Disease Risk.
  • Peanut Oil May Improve Insulin Sensitivity.
  • Peanut Oil Is High in Omega-6 Fats
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  • High in antioxidants.
  • Has strong anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Good for your heart.
  • help control blood sugar.
  • May help heal wounds and burns.


  • Coconut Oil Can Increase Fat Burning
  • Coconut Oil Can Kill Harmful Microorganisms
  • Fatty Acids in Coconuts May Reduce Seizures
  • Raise The Good HDL Cholesterol

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