Best-selling Cold pressed oil in Hyderabad

Best-selling cold pressed oil in Hyderabad

Looking to Buy cold pressed oil in Hyderabad :  A.A Oil Mill is leading cold pressed oil manufacturer since 1960. We Deliver cold pressed oils at your door step. Our Products speaks about our quality always.

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 Why from Us?

We provide best quality of cold pressed oils at your budget price. Our cold pressed oils are prepared at traditional way by using ‘’chekku or ghani or wood pressed ’ machines.

Our cold pressed oils are extracted at the temperature of below 40 Degree Celsius. So, the oil retain its quality, aroma & taste.

We prepare cold pressed sesame oil, groundnut oil and coconut oil.

Sesame or Gingelly oil:

Produced using black Or Red seeds only. Rich in nutrient values

(No white seeds were used. It gives just a good colour to the oil and have less nutrition value.)

Groundnut Or Peanut oil:

Produced using our native peanut ( Groundnut ) seeds cultivated here by the farmers. So Farmers can get good prices for their cultivated products.

(No Hybrid Seeds were used to produce).

Coconut Oil:

Our cold pressed coconut oils are produced using sulfur less coconuts.

Note:Some farmers sprays Sulfer over coconuts to increase the shelf life of coconut. But it is very harmful . So please be aware.

You Can Get our Cold pressed Oil in Hyderabad via Online.

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We Deliver Our products within 3-5 days in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru( Banglore ), Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Hydrabad, Surat, Ahemadabad, Vishakhapatnam And All Other Major Cities.

We Deliver our product to rest of India within 6-8 days.

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