The cold pressed oils are made by traditional machines are locally called “chekku”,”Ghani”&”kolhu”. This is the natural method of Extracting oil.

The process starts with the collection of high quality seeds from the local farmers. Then the collected seeds (Groundnut, sesame, coconut) are subjected to air drying to remove moisture.

Following the drying, the seeds are separated based on quality. The seeds of high quality are subjected to pressing operation at the wooden cold press setup( pestle and mortar ).

Generally cold pressed oil were prepared in room temperature (Since no heat is applied during the preparation it is called cold pressed oil) which makes the property of the oil get unaffected.

This cold pressed oil which is manufactured under heat controlled environment retains all their flavor. Nutritional values, making the oil great for cooking.

They contains zero grams of trans fatty acid and are naturally cholesterol free.

How cold press oil filtered?

The prepared oil is subjected to filtration by introducing oil through multiple strainers. The strainers only remove the unwanted seed pulp and dirt, without affecting the nutrients values.
Working Of Fliter Press to remove seed Pulp from oil

The Filtered oil is rich in aroma and colour. The filters oil are useful in deep frying operations. The filtration of oil makes it naturally anti foaming.

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