Cold Pressed Vs Refined Oil

Cold Pressed Vs Refined Oil

Refined oil:

Oil seeds such as soyabean, corn, sunflower cannot yield oil through natural extraction techniques. This oils are chemically extracted and they needed to be refined. During the production of oil through refining.

  1. The oil is subjected to high temperature of 110-200o C
  2. The Hexane solvent and phosphate is used. Chemicals like caustic soda and soda ash is used which is followed by bleaching agents.

This process destroys all the nutrients, making it unhealthy. But the oil consistent in terms of colour smell, odour and shelf life.

The Refined oil is proven to cause cardio vascular disease.

Cold pressed oil:

Filtered oil or cold pressed oil on the other hand are made by just crushing the seeds at room temperature.

The final oil output is much lower compared to refining process and the oil colour resembles that of the same as the seed from which oil is derived. This cold pressed oil are healthy and retain the nutritive values of the seed.

Now you know well about Cold Pressed Vs Refined Oil

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