Myths About Cold Pressed Oil

Here Is Some Myths About Cold Pressed Oil People Should Know

#1 Myth – Keeping cold pressed oil under sunlight boost the Sedimentation Process.

Real fact is Cold Pressed Oils are sensitive to light, oxygen and heat.

If you are allowing sun light (or) light to pass through the cold pressed oil you are letting your oil to get rancid.

Heating the Cold Pressed Oil repeatedly increases rancid in that oil. Exposing the oil in air also increases the rancidity in oil.

To keep your cold pressed oil away from rancid. Store it in carton box what we provided during shipping or place them in dark room. After getting used a liter completely take another liter from the box.

#2 Myth – Filtered Cold Pressed Oil’s losses its property.

Fact: Actually they are not. Filtration is the process of removing seed pulp from the oil. This is a mechanical process. No chemical processes involved in filtration.

#3 Myth – Cold Pressed Oil’s Cannot used for Deep Frying.

Fact: Raw Cold pressed oils carries seed pulp. While cooking this seed pulp react with heat and generate smoke all over the kitchen also it changes the property of oil.

Filtered cold pressed oil suitable for Deep frying because it does not carries seed pulp.

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#4 Myth – Coconut Oil is high in cholesterol.

Fact: Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides which contribute towards increasing the good cholesterol level in the body. 

#5 Myth – You cannot Get pure cold pressed oil.

If you are searching for pure cold pressed oil we are here to provide you. We have more than 50 years of experience in cold pressed oil manufacturing. To serve people at lowest prices.

– A.A Oil Mill

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