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AMOGHA Cold Pressed Sesame Oil / Gingelly Oil – Classic

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AmirthA Cold Pressed Sesame Oil


  • 100% Pure
  • No Chemicals & Additives
  • Palm Jaggery is used for oil Extraction
  • Unfiltered Product.
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AMOGHA Cold Pressed Sesame Oil /Gingelly Oil.

Looking to buy 100% Pure Cold pressed Sesame oil / Gingelly Oil. You are at correct place to buy them. Our products are unique satisfied more and more customers in all over India.

Cold Pressed sesame Oil

How  AMOGHA Cold pressed Sesame Oil / Gingelly Oil Made?

At first, the purchased seed are Fed in to cyclone dust cleaner. Here the dusts in the sesame seeds are removed through passing the air through sesame seeds.

This cleaned seeds are de-stoned and graded by Screening mechanism. Fine quality sesame seeds are separated from raw material. Let them dried under Sunlight for several hours and stored in warehouse.

The stored seeds are fed in to Cold press machine for oil extraction. We add Palm Jaggery as a bonding agent to extract oil from sesame seed. Due to the continuous pressure applied on the seeds.

The oils get extract from the seeds at below 40 degree Celsius. This extracted oils are stored in small tanks for sedimentation and Packed in P.E.T Bottles..

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Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 28 cm

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