Why Cold Pressed Oil?

Why Cold Pressed Oil?

   Cold pressed oil generally produced under room temperature to retain it vitamins, minerals. Cold pressed oils have anti-oxidant property, which helps to reduce heart disease and Cancer.

Why Cold pressed oil keeps you healthy.

Till Early 1990’s people generally used cold pressed oil for various household applications.

But due to rise of refined oil in the market. People blindly supported the product because of comparatively low cost and consistency in colour and taste, without knowing the adverse effects of refined oil.

In order to achieve maximum extraction of oil from the seeds, the manufactures use several chemicals and treating it in high temperature making it more dangerous for consumption. This leads to causing of various Health and heart problems.

Due to enormous rise of refined oil market, indigenous cold press oil loss its deserved place in oil market. Several cold press oil manufacturers become bankrupt.

Later 2015, people realized the benefits of cold pressed oil and slowly cold pressed moving to the top of the chart.

Many of the peoples Suffered from Joints problem, Heart related disease and cancer. Doctors suggested to use Cold Pressed Oil. Peoples are looked for Cold pressed oil back again.

Why you Should buy Cold Pressed Oil from us?

Due to rise of cold pressed oil and knowing its benefits people started buying cold pressed oil which is good,

But, By using the opportunity, many people started the business without any knowledge about cold pressed oil.

People too buy from unknown sources without knowing the oil is hot pressed or cold pressed, refined or adulterated.

People are falling into the same trap due to low price.

 We A.A Oil Mill – The Cold pressed Oil Manufacturer Since “1960” in Tiruvannamalai.  

From 1960 to present, We provide finest quality of Cold pressed oil products, our products quality speaks for itself. We are determined to provide finest product at your budget price.

To keep your health safe and secure buy cold pressed oil from us.

What you will get here?

A finest product with 100% Quality Guaranteed. The Purest Cold pressed oils. Buy once you will know quality and taste.

We don’t use hybrid seed for oil production. In Hybrid seed, oil yield is high, so some of the manufacturers use this seed to get benefits.

 We use country seeds for production of cold pressed oil.

We purchase seeds from our state as well as our neighbour states.

  • We use normal Country Ground nut seed for the production of Groundnut oil
  • Black and Red Sesame seeds were used for production of Sesame or Gingelly oil. We don’t use white seed that gives good colour and taste. But it doesn’t have more nutrition values.
  • We use Sulphur less Coconut Kernels for production of Coconut oil.  Sulphur protects coconut from decaying but it’s very harmful to us. So we won’t use sulphured coconut kernels.

Why cold pressed oil tastes good?

Cold pressed oils Prepared at room temperature. They are not refined so it provides a good smell and Nutty Tastes to the food.

The refined oil does not contain these properties. When you are new to cold pressed oil sure you will find out the difference between refined and cold pressed one.

It adds some extra tastes to the food.

Why cold pressed oil is filtered?

Yes, Cold pressed oils are filtered. But you should know why. Normally, cold pressed oil are thick after initial manufacturing from press. It’s because of oil meals (by-product when oil is extracted from seed) present in the oil.

 When the oil is heated this by-products started to heat and produce smoke all over the kitchen also changes the oil properties. This by-products also carries moisture, this moisture reacts with cold pressed oil make the cold pressed oil smells bad. The oil lasts for maximum of 3 months.

Filtration is nothing. Just like removing pulp from fruit juices.

 The Cold pressed oils are pressed through ah thick cotton (Like the woollen cloth we used in winter seasons) cloth with the help of oil pump. The by-products are settled on top layer of the cloth the pure form of oil passes through the cloth and get stored in a tank. This keeps the by-product and moisture away from the oil. So the shelf life of the oil increases from 3 Months to Maximum of 6 Months.

Which Cold Pressed Oil ?

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